World shook background of [Continuous suicide bombings]

Was held the Middle East upheaval and the involvement of Japan]

World shook background of [Continuous suicide bombings] The author, through this lecture, now in the Middle East, actually "feel" of what is happening, I think I want to tell. To the various movements of the world, also I believe that one of the roles as a journalist to see the big move of the entire world. However, what are thinking how local is of the people, living part of how change is going to is, is most often do not know if not actually go to the site. Through lectures, from that what is happening is such a thing as a "feel", I am happy if you feel to everyone. [Poverty of imagination] is to increase the problem There was a Paris of terrorist incidents and say that the events of recent Middle East cult. That day the author, in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, had been staying. The day before the Paris of the incident, there was a big suicide bomber who died is 0 or more people in Beirut. However, the fact that has occurred in Paris of the incident the next day, the incident was totally forgotten. Paris of the incident in the city, raid and is a major incident that bomb incident has occurred.
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